Studies in 2:2'-bridged diphenyls

Pal, Shakti Rani


Pal, Shakti Rani (1959) Studies in 2:2'-bridged diphenyls.

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This thesis is divided into two sections. Part I describes the syntheses and the optical properties of some 2:2'-bridged diphenyls. 4':1"-Dinitro- and 4':1"-difluoro-2:7-dihydro-3:4-5:6~dibenzazepines were obtained in optically active forms and their optical stabilities determined.41 :1"-Difluoro-, 4 ' :1"-dibromo-, 4' :1"-dichloro- and 4 ' : 1"-diiodo-2:7-dihydro-3: 4-5 : 6-dibenzazepinium-1" - spiro-piperidinium bromides and diethyl 4':1"-difluoro-3:4-5:6-dibenzcyclohepta-( 3:5) diene-1:1-dicarboxylate were prepared. Attempts to obtain the mono-carboxylic acid from the diester in an optically active form were unsuccessful.1:2:7:8-Tetrahydro-3:4-5:6-dibenzazocino-l-spiro-l1-piperidinium iodide was prepared. It was obtained in optically active forms and its optical stability studied. Part II describes a study of the ultra-violet absorption spectra of 4':1"-dihalogeno-2:7-dihydro-3:4-5:6-dibenzase-pinium-"'f -spiro-piperidinium bromides and diethyl 4':1"-difluoro-3:4-5:6-dibenzcyclohepta-(3:5)-diene-1:1-dicarboxyla and in particular the effect of ortho-substituents on the spectra of 2:2'-bridged diphenyls where the bridge forms part of a seven-membered ring.

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Item TypeThesis (Doctoral)
TitleStudies in 2:2'-bridged diphenyls
AuthorsPal, Shakti Rani
Uncontrolled KeywordsOrganic Chemistry; Pure Sciences; 2; Bridged; Diphenyls; Diphenyls; Studies



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