Filippo de'Nerli, 1485-1556; Politician, administrator and historian

Underhill, Kathryn Valerie


Underhill, Kathryn Valerie (1968) Filippo de'Nerli, 1485-1556; Politician, administrator and historian.

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The aim of this study is to examine the life and work of Filippo de'Nerli and to see what this reveals about the politics society and historiography of his time. The first part of the study is biographical, tracing Nerli's involvement with politics and administration at various stages of his career. His period as governor of Modena is seen in the context of the war of the League of Cognac, the part which he played in cultural activities in Florence is considered, and in particular an attempt is made to analyse the changes which took place in the role of the Florentine ottimati in the mid sixteenth century as a result of the establishment of Medici absolutism. The second part of the study is devoted to an examination of Nerli's history of Florence. The sources of his work, its nature and the extent to which it served as a source for his contemporaries are considered and Nerli's relations with his fellow historians at Cosimo's court and in the Florentine Academy are discussed. Finally an attempt is made to reach certain tentative general conclusions about the nature and methods of historical writing in sixteenth century Florence. The aim throughout is to place Nerli in his correct context and this reveals him as a typical representative of his class who, for that reason, is a valuable subject for a study such as this.

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Item TypeThesis (Doctoral)
TitleFilippo de'Nerli, 1485-1556; Politician, administrator and historian
AuthorsUnderhill, Kathryn Valerie
Uncontrolled KeywordsRomance Literature; Language, Literature And Linguistics; 1485; 1556; Administrator; De; De'Nerli, Filippo; Filippo; Historian; Nerli; Politician; De'Nerli, Filippo



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