Occupational "misfits" in domestic service

Cummings, Jean D.


Cummings, Jean D. (1937) Occupational "misfits" in domestic service.

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The purpose of the present inquiry was to make a preliminary study of a group of "misfits" among women in domestic service, and to bring this occupation into line with types of work already studied more extensively, particularly among factory workers. At present, for instance, it is possible to say that a woman who is inherently clumsy and lacks manual dexterity will probably be a "misfit" in packing or fine assembly work, but little is known of the qualities she needs to make a good domestic servant. Will a highly intelligent girl make a good cook, or will she tend to be "above" a whole-hearted interest in food? Will an ambitious and energetic girl be happy as a house-parlour maid, or would a more plodding individual be more settled? Will a cheerful, sociable girl settle down as a "general" where she is alone in the kitchen for many a long evening? These are typical questions to which the answers are unknown.

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Item TypeThesis (Doctoral)
TitleOccupational "misfits" in domestic service
AuthorsCummings, Jean D.
Uncontrolled KeywordsOccupational Psychology; Psychology; Domestic; Domestic Workers; Domestic Workers; Misfits; Occupational; Service



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