A critical study of the style of Aeschines' speeches

Vryzidis, Dimitrios


Vryzidis, Dimitrios (1972) A critical study of the style of Aeschines' speeches.

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The purpose of this work is to analyse the style of Aeschines' speeches. An endeavour has been made to analyse it from as many aspects as possible and a special effort has been made to investigate in detail those qualities which make it peculiarly Aeschinean. The correspondence between the style and the development of argument has similarly been examined - paying particular attention to the form and the effect of the different stylistic elements.The approach adopted is the conventional tri-partite analysis: Choice of Words, Figures of Speech, and Composition. In the first chapter, Aeschines' vocabulary is examined from the point of view of the use he makes of rare words, poetic words, compound words, colloquial words, and three classes of nouns the use of which is thought to add dignity to the style. The figures of speech are treated in the second chapter, putting into practice the theory advocated above that the figures should be examined from the point of view of their form and effect: looking specifically at their place in the development of argument. Statistics have been included in the first two chapters, where they help to elucidate some distinct qualities in the style and differences between the speeches. The analysis is concentrated in the third chapter on various forms of hyperbaton and on the structure of the sentences, from the point of view of their parallel structure, subordination and length.It is hoped that this work may prove to be of some help to those similarly concerned with matters of style in Ancient Greek prose.

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Item TypeThesis (Doctoral)
TitleA critical study of the style of Aeschines' speeches
AuthorsVryzidis, Dimitrios
Uncontrolled KeywordsRhetoric; Classical Studies; Language, Literature And Linguistics; Social Sciences; A; Aeschines; Aeschines; Critical; Speeches; Study; Style



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