Electron interactions with atoms in intense electromagnetic fields

Zarcone, Michelangelo


Zarcone, Michelangelo (1984) Electron interactions with atoms in intense electromagnetic fields.

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In the first part of the thesis we consider two theoretical problems: (a) The Kroll-Watson result for laser assisted potential scattering of charged particle has been extended to the case where a uniform static magnetic field is also present, and the consequences examined. (b) The problem of the transition of an incoming plane wave state of a charged particle entering such a magnetic field, to occupy Landau levels is solved in both the adiabatic and the sudden cases. The cross section for potential scattering in presence of a magnetic field and the limit for B0 are derived. The second part of the thesis deals with laser assisted electron impact ionisation of helium atoms. The slow electron is described in a tree-state close-coupling formulation. Conditions for the observation of the predicted splitting of the "Erhardt" pattern of the triple differential cross section are discussed.

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Item TypeThesis (Doctoral)
TitleElectron interactions with atoms in intense electromagnetic fields
AuthorsZarcone, Michelangelo
Uncontrolled KeywordsElectromagnetics; Pure Sciences; Atoms; Electromagnetic; Electron; Fields; Intense; Interactions



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