Fundamental sequences in the second and third ordinal number classes

McBeth, C. B. R.


McBeth, C. B. R. (1973) Fundamental sequences in the second and third ordinal number classes.

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The text is concerned with the definition and investigation of some classes of ordinal valued-functions; and with the determining of a particular assignment function O. This function assigns to each limit ordinal alpha smaller than a constant theta and belonging to the second number class a fundamental sequence [diagram] that is, a strictly increasing sequence satisfying [diagram].

The operations used to determine O are derived from a class of functions [diagram]. Since generalizes the standard ordinal arithmetic operations,some of the properties of the are studied, together with the operations gammaalpha which are generalizationsof transfinite sum and product. Also investigated is a related class of number-theoretic functions, in this context O is an arbitrary assignment bounded by o in place of [diagram].

It is proved that the functions are normal in the second argument, and these functions are compared with a hierarchy of normal functions obtained by Veblen's process of iteration. The provide a natural means of extending the notion of epsilon number, and some of the properties of the generalized epsilon numbers are presented. The function of [diagram] is normal, and the notation [diagram] is adopted for the sequence of countable fixed points of the function. The generalized epsilon numbers determine a hierarchical classification of limit numbers, and on this basis a normal form is determined for each, and thence the function O is defined by transfinite recursion.

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Item TypeThesis (Doctoral)
TitleFundamental sequences in the second and third ordinal number classes
AuthorsMcBeth, C. B. R.
Uncontrolled KeywordsMathematics; Pure Sciences; Classes; Fundamental; Number; Ordinal; Ordinal Number; Ordinal Number; Second; Sequences; Third



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