Missarum diversorum auctorum. Liber primus.


Collection of masses in four parts (SATB), printed by Ottaviano Petrucci.


Standardised TitleMissarum diversorum auctorum. Liber primus.
Transcribed TitleTranscribed title page from superius part book: Missarum diuerso[rum] / auctoru[m] Liber / primus. / Si dedero Obreth. / De fra[n]za Philippus basiron. / Dringhs Brumel. / Nastu pas Gaspar. / De sancto Antonio Piero de / la rue.
Variant TitleLibri primi missa[rum] Diuersoru[m] auto[rum].
ImprintColophon, bassus part book: Impressum Uenetijs per Octauianu[m] Pe / trutiu[m] forosempronie[n]sem. 1508. Die. 15 / Martij. Cu[m] priuilegio iuictissimi Dominij / Ueneria[rum] [quae] nullus possit cantu[m] figura- / tum imprimere sub pena in ipso priuilegio / contenta. Registru[m]. AA BB CC DD EE FF GG O[mn]es [qua]terni p[ro]pter BB CC [qui] su[n]t q[ui]nterni [et] GG qui est ternus.
FormatCopy at K.1.d.8. [Superius] (16 leaves), A[ltus] (16 leaves), T[enor] (10 leaves), B[assus] (14 leaves); paper dimensions: 158 x 214 mm.
PlaceVenice, Italy

British Library K.1.d.8.


RISM B/I, 15091


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Stanley Boorman notes that the Venetian New Year began on 1 March, so this volume should be dated 1508, not 1509, as given in RISM (Boorman, Octaviano Petrucci: A Catalogue Raisonné (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006), p. 688).

Copy at K.1.d.8. From the Lumley Library.

Table of Contents

Si dedero / Jacobus obreth -- Messa de franza / Philippus Basiron -- De dringhs / Antonius Brumel -- Nastu pas / Gaspar -- De sancto Antonio / Piero de la rue.

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