Development and implementation of real time image analysis algorithms

Johnstone, Adrian Ivor Clive


Johnstone, Adrian Ivor Clive (1989) Development and implementation of real time image analysis algorithms.

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This work concerns the development and implementation of real-time image processing algorithms. Such systems may be applied to industrial inspection problems, which typically require basic operations to be performed on 256 x 256 pixel images in 20 to 100ms using systems costing less than about £20000.Building such systems is difficult because conventional processors executing at around 1MIPS with conventional algorithms are some 2 orders of magnitude too slow. A solution to this is to use a closely coupled array processor such as the DAP, or CLIP4 which is designed especially for image processing. However such a space-parallel architecture imposes its own structure on the problem, and this restricts the class of algorithms which may be efficiently executed to those exhibiting similar space parallelism, i.e. so-called 'parallel algorithms'. This thesis examines an alternative approach which uses a mix of conventional processors and high speed hardware processors. A special frame store has been built for the acquisition and display of images stored in memory on a multiprocessor backplane. Also described are an interface to a host mini-computer, a bus interface to the system and its use with some hardwired and microcoded processors. This system is compared to a single computer operating with a frame store optimised for image processing. The basic software and hardware system described in this thesis has been used in a factory environment for foodproduct inspection.

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Item TypeThesis (Doctoral)
TitleDevelopment and implementation of real time image analysis algorithms
AuthorsJohnstone, Adrian Ivor Clive
Uncontrolled KeywordsComputer Science; Applied Sciences; Algorithms; Analysis; Development; Image; Image Processing; Implementation; Image Processing; Real; Time
DepartmentsDepartment of Computer Science



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