A contribution to the chemistry of antimalarials

Hall, Doroth Muriel


Hall, Doroth Muriel (1943) A contribution to the chemistry of antimalarials.

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The aim of the present investigation was to obtain more information as to the relation between constitution (extended in the sense of configuration in certain instances) and anti-malarial activity in the acridine series and to prepare derivatives of other ring systems, which had not previously been tested for antimalarial activity.

Two bases which may resemble 2-amino-5-diethylamino-pentane in configuration were considered for condensations with 5-chloroacridines. The first, o-aminobenzyldiethylamine (I), was prepared by reduction of the nitro compound, obtained by the condensation of o-nitrobenzyl chloride with die thylamine. Four syntheses of the second base, 2-aminocyclohexyldiethylamine (II), were attempted but all were unsuccessful [diagram].

A third base, (3-diethylaminoethylamine, was prepared by the reduction of diethylamino-acetonitrile.

5-Chloroacridine (III) and 2:5-dichlero-7-methoxyacridine (IV) were prepared from the corresponding diphenylamine-2-carboxylio acids and 1:5-dichlero-9-methylacrldine (V) from the corresponding acridone.

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Item TypeThesis (Doctoral)
TitleA contribution to the chemistry of antimalarials
AuthorsHall, Doroth Muriel
Uncontrolled KeywordsChemistry; Pure Sciences; A; Antimalarials; Antimalarials; Chemistry; Contribution


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