Motetti a cinque, book 1.


Collection of motets in 5 parts, printed by Ottaviano Petrucci.


Standardised TitleMotetti a cinque, book 1.
Transcribed TitleTranscribed title page from superius part book: Motetti acinque Libro / primo.
Imprint[Venice : O. Petrucci, 1508]
FormatCopy at K.1.d.5*. Sup[erius] (16 leaves: [1], 2-16 f.); paper dimensions: 158 x 230 mm.
PlaceVenice, Italy
TypePrinted music

British Library K.1.d.5*.


RISM B/I, 15081


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The superius is untexted for 'Homo quidam' and 'O Deus ecclesie', and only partially texted in 'Requiem' and 'O preciosissime sanguis'. Ascriptions are from the table of contents.

There is no date or imprint on the item. The Spanish music-collector Fernando Colón's catalogue of books indicates an edition of 1508, and Stanley Boorman has shown that bibliographical evidence (the condition of the initials and the dimensions of the watermark) supports this later date when compared to other Petrucci prints of 1508 (Stanley Boorman, Octaviano Petrucci: A Catalogue Raisonné (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006), pp. 701).

Originally a set of four part books, the tenor and bassus being combined in one book. No copy of the contratenor secundus part book is believed to be extant.

Copy at K.1.d.5*. Superius part book only.

Table of Contents

Clangat plebs flores (secunda pars: Carmina cude[n]te[m] tibi) / Regis -- Factor orbis (secunda pars: Spiritus d[omi]ni super me) / Obreth -- Dulcis amica dei (secunda pars: Roga[mus] te piissima virgo) / Gaspar -- Illibata dei virgo (secunda pars: Ave virginu[m] decus) / Josquin -- Homo quidam (secunda pars: Venite [incipt only] ) / Josqn -- O Decus ecclesie (secunda pars: untexted) / Isac -- Inviolata integra [et] casta / Isac – Requiem / Josquin -- Laudem[us] nunc d[omi]n[um] (secunda pars: Cantemus nunc d[omi]no) / Obreth -- Salve sponsa tui genitrix (secunda pars: Nil eva officiet) / Regis -- Lux solempnis adest (secunda pars: Nec mirum si tanta) / Regis -- Ave Maria gratia plena (secunda pars: Et benedictus fructus; tertia pars: Tu parvi; quarta pars: Tu floris [tacet] quinto pars: Tu civitas; quinta pars: Ergo maris stella) / Pipelare -- O preciosissime sanguis (secunda pars: untexted [Guberna tuos); tertia pars: untexted [Te ergo quesumus]) / Obreth -- Mater patris nati nata (secunda pars: Ab eterno genitura; tertia pars: Virgo mater dei) / Obreth -- Exaudi nos filia (secunda pars: Ora pro populo tuo) / Crispin -- Ave Maria gratia plena (secunda pars: Tu floris [et] rosis) / Regis -- Ave sanctissima maria / Diniset -- Hodie scietis quia veniet / Isac.

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