Certain perceptual and personality correlates of deviant and conforming attitudes

Salazar-Jimenez, Jose Miguel


Salazar-Jimenez, Jose Miguel (1957) Certain perceptual and personality correlates of deviant and conforming attitudes.

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In this investigation deviation and conformity in a women's college with approximately 700 students has been studied. The criterion used was variation in attitude towards equality between the sexes (feminism), the subjects' perception of the group norm, of themselves in relation to this norm, and some of their consciously expressed personality predispositions were made the focus of the inquiry. Responses were obtained from 312 subjects in an attitude questionnaire, in which they were asked to indicate their attitude and that of the majority of students in the college.Forty-six subjects were given, in addition, certain personality tests from which a composite measure, labelled Self Determination, was obtained. The results indicated that there exist significant differences between people in different categories of deviation and conformity as to their perception of the group's norm. It is found that deviants are not most inaccurate. There exist also significant differences among the categories in the degree to which the subjects consider themselves like the group, and this does not seem to be related to actual degree of deviation, nor to self determination. Finally, it was found that deviants in this group tend to score higher in Self Determination than conformists, regardless of the direction of their deviation.Some of the implications of these findings are discussed and possible lines of further research are outlined.

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Item TypeThesis (Doctoral)
TitleCertain perceptual and personality correlates of deviant and conforming attitudes
AuthorsSalazar-Jimenez, Jose Miguel
Uncontrolled KeywordsPersonality Psychology; Psychology; Attitudes; Certain; Conforming; Correlates; Deviant; Perceptual; Personality; Self-Determination; Self-Determination



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