Sacrarum cantionum, liber 4.


Collection of motets in four parts.


Standardised TitleSacrarum cantionum, liber 4.
Transcribed TitleTranscribed title page from superius part book:LIBER QVARTVS / Sacrarum Cantionum, / QVATVOR VOCVM, Vulgo Moteta Vocant, ex / optimis quibus[que] huius / aeatis musicis / Selectaru[m]. / SVPERIVS.
ImprintANTUERPIAE APVD / Tilemannum Susato. Anno M.D. XLVII. / Cum Caes Priuilegio.
FormatCopy at K.8.k.1.(4.). SVPERIVS (20 leaves), CONTRA TENOR (20 leaves), TENOR (20 leaves), BASSVS (20 leaves); superius, contratenor, tenor, bassus: [1] ii-xx f.; paper dimensions: 241 x 175 mm.
PlaceAntwerp, Belgium
TypePrinted music

British Library K.8.k.1.(4.)

Related Resource

U. Meissner, Der Antwerpener Notendrucker Tylman Susato (Berlin: Verlag Merseburger, 1967), Vol.2, pp. 61-63.

John Milsom, ‘The Nonsuch Music Library’, in Chris Banks, Arthur Searle and Malcolm Turner (eds.), Sundry Sorts of Music Books: Essays on The British Library Collections, Presented to O. W. Neighbour on his 70th Birthday (London, 1993), 146-82, no. 9.


RISM B/I, 15476

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With an index on the verso of the title page in each part book, and a dedication in Latin in the tenor part book only.

’Incertus author’ printed above secunda pars of Cecilia uirgo is presumably an error, as the piece is ascribed on the previous page and the index to Clemens non Papa.

Copy at K.8.k.1.(4.). From the Lumley library. Lines added to the score in manuscript to ’Iulia dic experta’ in all part books; the tenor part of ’Eraui sicut ouis’, ’Quis dabit capiti meo aquam?’, ’Ave Regina coelorum’, and the prima pars of ’Congratulamini mihi omnes’ (fols.ix-xii) have been interchanged with ’O stupor et gaudium’, ’Non conturbetur’, ’Verbum iniquuu[m]’, ’Adiuua nos deus’ and ’Domine ne memineris’ (fols. ix-xii) in the first Sacrum cantionem book.

Indexed names

Susato, Tielman, fl. 1529-1561, printer. 
Hedano, D. Michaeli, dedicatee. 
Appenzeller, Benedictus, 16th cent., composer. 
Clemens non Papa, Jacobus, ca. 1510-ca. 1555, composer. 
Conseil, Jean, 1498-1535, composer. 
Crecquillon, Thomas, d. 1557?, composer. 
Geszin, Nicolaus, composer. 
Guyot, Jean, 1512-1588, composer. 
Larchier, Jean, fl. 1544-1555, composer. 
Manchicourt, Pierre de, ca. 1510-1564, composer. 
Mouton, Jean, d. 1522, composer. 
Payen, Nicolas, ca. 1512-ca. 1559, composer. 
Arundel, Henry Fitz Alan, Earl of, 1512-1580, former owner. 
Lumley, John Lumley, Baron, 1534?-1609, former owner. 

Table of Contents

Iuxta est dies domini (secunda pars: In cuius aduentum) / Incertus author -- Dilectus meus descendit in hortum suum (secunda pars: Reuertere dilecte mi) / Petrus de Manchicourt -- Cor mundum crea in me deus (secunda pars: Auerte faciem tuam) / Thomas Crecquillon -- Quae est ista quae ascendit sicut sol (secunda par: Quae est ista quae ascendit per desertum) / Thomas Crecquillon -- Impetum inimicorum ne timueritis / Thomas Crecquillon -- Clama ne cesses / Benedictus -- Gregem tuum pastor aeterne non deferas / Incertos author -- Peccantem me quotidie (secunda pars: Deus in nomine tuo) / Iacobus Clemens non Papa -- Pater peccaui in coelum (secunda pars: Quanti mercenarij in domo patris) / Consilium -- Eraui sicut ouis (secunda pars: Delicta iuuentutis meae) / Thomas Crecquillon -- Quis dabit capiti meo aquam? (secunda pars: Laurus impetu fulminis) / Nicolaus Payenus -- Domine clamaui ad te (secunda pars: Vide humilitatem meam / Clemens non Papa -- Ave Regina coelorum / Benedictus -- Congratulamini mihi omnes (secunda pars: Tulerunt dominum meum) / Incertus author -- Haec est uirgo sapiens (secunda pars: Audi filia & uide) / Nicolaus Geszin -- Iulia dic experta meas uires / Incertus author -- Benedicte dominus / Thomas Crecquillon -- Iubilate deo omnis terra [headed:] Deo gratias / Thoams Crecquillo[n] -- Vide domine afflictionem nostram (secuda pars: Sed ueni domine) / Iaco. Clemens non Papa -- Alleluya Noli flere Maria / Ioannes Mouton -- Cecilia uirgo gloriosa (secunda pars: Biduanis ac triduanis) / Iaco. Clemens non Papa -- Expurgate uetus fermentum / Io. Castileti -- Immolabit hedum (secunda pars: Pascha nostrum immolatus est Christus) / Ioannes Castileti -- Magi ueniunt ab oriente (secunda pars: Interrogabat magos Herodes) / Io. Larchier -- Delectare in domino (secunda pars: Et educet quasi lumen) / Thomas Crecquillon.

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